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Our global team makes sure that our animal health products and treatments are of the highest quality and available when our customers need them.

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Why Work at Elanco?

Whether you are an engineer, research scientist, lab technician or just seeking a career that aligns with a greater purpose - at Elanco, we are united by the belief that making animals' lives better, makes life better.

Spanning the globe, our 18 manufacturing facilities are the beating heart of Elanco's operations. With precision and care, we produce a diverse range of over 200 products to support veterinarians, farmers, pet owners, and the animals in their care. Our colleagues value our team-first attitude. Working in manufacturing has its fair share of challenges, but we are operating together to achieve the same goal and do an incredible job of recognizing each other. Elanco's values and mission are visible every day at work. People here want you to succeed, regardless of position.

Together, we build and manage timelines, ensuring regulatory compliance and quality standards are met, all with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of animals.

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We have 18 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries worldwide.


We offer competitive pay, health benefits, retirement plans, and growth opportunities.


We produce over 200 different high-quality products to support veterinarians, farmers and pet owners.

Hear From Our Employees

We asked our employees why they decided to work at Elanco, and what their experience at the company has been like so far.

Juan Rigal

Consultant, Supply Chain

“Elanco is a great company driven by its values and mission statement. They are very proud of their culture, and you can see it every day at work. It is visible that people want you to succeed, and they will schedule time for you regardless of their position. It is exciting that there is a place where I could use my science background and be helpful for different areas of the site.”

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image of Clinton, Indiana. US.

Clinton, Indiana. US.

Clinton Laboratories has been a cornerstone manufacturing site for Elanco since the 1970s. At Clinton Laboratories our processes include biotech manufacturing and small molecule packaging.

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