Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability

Our global approach to ESG and sustainability – Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™ – is a framework of commitments and actions built on four interconnected pillars: Healthier Animals, Healthier People, Healthier Planet and Healthier Enterprise – which represent the areas we believe are most important to our customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders. We’re driving a Healthier Enterprise by managing our environmental footprint and integrating the management and oversight of ESG issues throughout our operations.

Elanco's Healthy Purpose is foundational to our company culture, uniting teams across the globe in our commitment to operate responsibly and positively impact the health and well-being of animals, people and the planet.

Ben Kruse, Global Head of ESG and Sustainability

A Purpose-Driven Culture

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2022 Progress Highlights

New centralized ESG and sustainability team driving progress and enhanced disclosures
First-time disclosure of Scope 3 emissions
~10% YOY reduction in upstream transportation & distribution emissions
Estimated 7.2M metric tons of livestock customer emissions (CO2e) avoided with Rumensin (2020-2022)
Our Benchmark® database for beef producers includes measures for ~40% of the U.S. beef industry
>13% of electricity purchased from renewable sources
~20% of employees belong to at least one Employee Resource Group
>12,800 employee volunteer hours valued at ~$400K
>$4M in corporate, Foundation and employee charitable and community giving

Elanco's Healthy Purpose Pillars

  • Healthier Animals: We’re helping pets and farm animals live healthy, high-quality lives by continuously expanding our portfolio and identifying new and innovative animal care products, practices and services to support animal health and well-being.
  • Healthier People: We help improve people’s lives and livelihoods by promoting animal companionship and enabling healthier, more plentiful and more environmentally friendly production of meat, milk, fish and eggs.
  • Healthier Planet: We understand our business operations have an impact on the environment. We’re committed to minimizing our environmental footprint while leveraging product and service innovations to help our customers advance their own sustainability efforts.
  • Healthier Enterprise: We’re committed to growing our business with integrity and excellence with respect to all stakeholders – fostering a culture where all employees feel safe, engaged and accountable as owners.

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