EAGA Initiative

Through EAGA, Elanco is running a groundbreaking, shared value initiative that provides sustainable development solutions to address food shortage in East African countries.

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Creating Value

Our shared value initiative is what brings together business value and societal value helping us to sustain healthier animals, healthier people and a healthier planet. 

The East Africa Growth Accelerator helps small farming families in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania improve livestock production by providing access to high-quality veterinary medicines in adapted small pack sizes along with knowledge to combat livestock disease. Better animal health improves farmers’ incomes, helping them become more productive and self-sufficient.

Farmers' income has increased by at least 20% after using Elanco products and applying the knowledge gained through EAGA.

As of December 2018, under the EAGA initiative 3,753 dairy and poultry smallholder farmers were trained on animal diseases and the correct use of relevant animal health products so they could ensure the right care for their animals.

It's also estimated that 220,000 livestock farmers were trained on animal health via interactive radio, in a 13-week series aired in Northern Tanzania in partnership with the NGO Farm Radio International.

An Overview of the Social Return on Investment (SROI) East Africa Growth Accelerator

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EAGA continues to empower farmers with the knowledge and medicine they need to care for animals and enable growth for their communities, reducing animal mortality and poverty, increasing farmers' income and improving diets and health of local families.

Shared Value with Tangible Impact

"I know what drug to buy for what disease. I have reduced deaths of my chickens and can produce more eggs, my income has increased" - Poultry Smallholder Farmer

"I wonder what my customers would do without Elanco's products for fly control and parasitic disease of chickens." Agrovet Shop

"We have increased sales by 30% to 50%. Apart from the farmers, animal health professionals come and ask for the same [Elanco] products and are positive about how the product works." - Wholesaler

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