Elanco360° features thought, opinion and news blog posts on animal health across the globe. On this blog you can learn more about how we bring our vision to life and read about the different categories we focus on, including:

  • Healthy animals play a critical role in the health of people and our planet. We believe that starting with animals is the key to solving our global health care, food security, and sustainability challenges. They provide food and companionship and it is therefore of great significance to keep them healthy and stay informed about how to do this the best way possible. Here we discuss animal welfare and the importance of it.

  • We see that humans and companion animals can connect and create a unique bond. Pets can unlock our potential and often have the capacities to offer even more besides companionship.

    Blog posts in this section discuss on the health benefits pets bring to people as well as on how animals can support us - from assistance and therapy animals to search, rescue, and police dogs.

  • We are committed to the wellbeing, growth, and development of our employees. We foster an engaging and inclusive culture at Elanco where you can make a difference by encouraging ownership, growth and well-being, while focusing on customers and the animals in their care.

    In this section, we take a step back from our animal focus and have a look at our company and our colleagues. What makes a strong enterprise?

  • At Elanco, we focus on two causes: food security and the human-animal bond. Both focuses align with our foundational beliefs and our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life. Our shared-value strategy engages employees, connects with the communities where we live and work, and aims to provide global, sustainable solutions. In this segment you can find blogposts about our engagement, charity work and what drives us as a company.

  • By 2050, we will have to feed an estimated 10 billion people globally. Elanco operates to make sure we can build a food-secure world. Sustainable farming and food are a big part in this. Together we work towards One Health – Healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy planet. You will find the answers to how and why we do this in this section about Sustainability.


As well as contributions from Elanco colleagues, we’re inviting contributions from across the animal health community and the wider food and environmental sectors.

If you have a story you’d like to share – whether that’s an article, an idea or simply an issue you feel should have a wider audience, then get in touch at international_communications@elanco.com.

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