15 March 2023

Finding Clarity by Uplifting Others


Posted by: Tiffany Houchin

I was the first in my family to go to college. As a female pursuing an engineering degree in the late 90s, many people, both directly and indirectly, told me I couldn’t do it. Fueled by a desire to prove the skeptics wrong, I went on to receive a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering. This jumpstarted a wildly rewarding career in Research & Development at Elanco Animal Health. 

Over time and with intense inner healing work, I found clarity that my deeper purpose was less about proving to the world that I could overcome obstacles and combatting the sexism I had faced, but my inner purpose was much more about an appreciation of the privilege that positioned me to uplift and amplify others in a world full of social injustice.

It was the Elanco employee promise of encouraging ownership, growth, and well-being that supported and enabled my career pivot into Human Resources. Now, as the leader of Global Talent Management and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), I work every day to integrate and embed DEI into all aspects of the employee experience and phases of talent management. 

At Elanco, we must have a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce to deliver on our customer promise to rigorously innovate and improve the health of animals. What makes us stand out as a rich environment for DEI progress is our foundational cultural behaviors of Innovate, Involve, and Own.

  1. INNOVATE. We are encouraged to experiment, fail, learn, and adjust. DEI work is hard work that requires openness and curiosity to make progress. At Elanco, curiosity and innovation is celebrated, encouraged, and expected.
  2. INVOLVE. We seek participation and input to gain commitment and collaboration for the best outcomes for the company. At Elanco, we aim to foster an inclusive culture where everyone can make a difference. 
  3. OWN. We support ownership for DEI at all levels. Our executive leaders take accountability to progress our DEI agenda and live it through actions, not just words. Employees at every level are empowered to take ownership through our Employee Resource Groups, global and local DEI councils, and annually during our Multicultural Summit. 

While we still have work to do to meet our DEI goals, we are at a tipping point. At Elanco, we are in an environment ripe for change. It’s my deep inner purpose to cultivate a workplace where every Elanco employee has a sense of belonging and an opportunity to thrive. 

Tiffany Houchin

Executive Director - Global Talent Management


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