Governance at Elanco

At Elanco, our Values guide the way we work at every level, including through the governance of our Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

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Guiding Governance Principles

We know that a strong system of corporate governance is critical to delivering long-term value for all our stakeholders, including shareholders.

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    Strong and Diverse Board and Management Team

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    Maintaining the Highest Ethical Standards

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    Clear, Transparent and Timely Communication

Board of Directors

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Our Board of Directors offers a diverse and complementary skill set, well positioned to drive accountability and outcomes.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

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Our experienced Executive Committee is composed of seasoned industry and business leaders, poised for execution and impact.

Executive Committee

Corporate Governance

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Our leadership believes strong corporate governance is the foundation for financial integrity, investor confidence and sustainable performance. 

Corporate Governance

Ethics and Compliance

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At Elanco, we create trust with our customers and employees when we make decisions with integrity. In doing so, we can protect and support the people we serve as well as our company, brand, and reputation. This starts by enabling a culture focused on Do it Right: Elanco Every Day.

Ethics and Compliance

Investor Relations

Find out about our company and financial performance to help you in your investment decisions.

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Über Elanco

Über Elanco

Erfahren Sie, warum wir ein führender Anbieter innovativer Lösungen sind, die die Tiergesundheit schützen und verbessern.

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