Elanco's Healthy Purpose in Action

The solution to many of today’s global challenges is simple: making life better for animals, makes life better.

two men and a woman cleaning a dog at Charlie's animal rescue centre in India

How We Make a Difference

Our two focuses for our initiatives align with our foundational beliefs and our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life. 

  • Healthier Animals
  • Healthier People
  • Healthier Planet
  • Healthier Enterprise

We support healthier animals by promoting products and services to deliver improved animal well-being while advocating for and supporting the veterinarians that care for our pets and farm animals.

Food and companionship – the two focus areas of our healthier people pillar. Through antimicrobial stewardship activities, targeted outreach to small-scale producers and better understanding of the human-animal bond, we enable our vision of enriching lives.

We support a healthier planet by continuously improving our operational efficiency to minimize environmental impact while developing products and packaging to help our customers do the same. 

We support a healthier enterprise through strong sustainability governance and building an environment where employees feel safe, engaged and accountable as owners.

Animal Welfare

Our products and services promote animal health and well-being for pets and farm animals around the world while our policies protect the welfare of research animals in our care.

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Veterinary Livelihoods

female veterinarian examining a young dog whilst talking to the female owner.

Veterinarians are critical in animal health, and we are proud to support veterinarians across their careers from education and training to mental health and well-being.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

For more than a decade, Elanco has led the industry on antimicrobial stewardship by promoting responsible antibiotic use, contributing to antibiotic resistance monitoring, and advancing research and development of antimicrobial alternatives.

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Farmers, Producers and Food Systems

a person hand feeding a cow

We support sustainable food systems by working with customers to develop solutions that work for them. Small- and large-scale producers can find support from Elanco for improving the sustainability of their operations.

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Human-Animal Bond

By developing products that improve the health care experience for pets, we increase the bond between pets and their people. We also recognize the important bond between service animals and the people they support and collaborate with organizations focused on service animals.

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Livestock Sustainability

Cow and Calf standing in a field of grass

We to continue to walk alongside our customers and the beef industry to offer sustainability solutions from our health products to our data services. As we continue to expand and innovate in this space and introduce new solutions, we aim to build a portfolio that reduces the cattle emissions by 40-50%.

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Our Environmental Footprint

We engage across our operations and suppliers to develop innovative solutions that reduce our impact while providing customers with the products and services they need to support healthy animals.

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Sustainable Packaging

Our sustainable packaging initiatives support global progress toward a circular economy by improving our operational efficiency and reducing waste both in our own operations and across our supply chain.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Elanco employees having a discussion around a table

DEI is ingrained into every step of our employees’ careers – from talent pipelines through hiring, development and promotion – we want our employees to thrive at personally and professionally.

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Employee Engagement, Development, and Well-being

employees at a table having a conversation while 2 shakehands

We collaborate with our employees to make Elanco a great place to work. This is why we regularly collect employee feedback, create ongoing development opportunities, and promote well-being at work.

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ESG & Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is a shared priority. Teams across Elanco work together to address sustainability challenges with support and oversight from our governing board and executive team.

ESG & Sustainability Governance

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Sobre a Elanco

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