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Our employees are empowered to make a difference in their communities and around the world through Elanco's Healthy Purpose™.

Our Vision, Your Vision

Our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life drives everything we do at Elanco. Our vision defines our business and shapes our daily work. It directs us to serve a bigger purpose.

It's all about making meat, milk, fish, and eggs more affordable around the world through sustainable, healthy farm animals. It's about helping pets grow up with our children and extending the life of an animal that may be a sole companion.

Our vision is our north star, a differentiator, and our connection to a bigger purpose

We drive our vision forward through Elanco's Healthy Purpose™ platform, which engages employees, communities and industry leaders across more than 90 countries to provide global, sustainable solutions to make an impact. It focuses on two very important causes: food security and the human-animal bond.

Our employees directly impact our Healthy Purpose™ causes,  whether it's caring for animals at a shelter, collecting food in the community, getting out into the field to help one of our partners provide therapy animal assistance, or supporting small-holder farmers. We're in this together.

Transforming Animal Health Transforms Lives

Vincent, one of our Senior Sales Representatives in the U.S. traveled to Zambia as part of a corporate social responsibility initiative in 2016, witnessing first-hand the life-changing impact livestock had on families.

In his time there, he helped families who were new to the Heifer International® charity build pens in preparation for their animals, and prepare the day's only meal of chibwabwa. He also worked with families in Kalulushi, Zambia, who had received goats four years earlier. They had more food to eat, could afford school tuition for their young children, and were optimistic about their future.

"I now have a better sense of my personal 'why.' I realize that my professional work with Elanco is a small but important part of all our efforts to produce enough food for the 10 billion people expected to be living on the planet by 2050."

Over the past 10 years, Elanco and Heifer International have worked together to break the cycle of hunger in 160,000 families across the world. Our employees have played a key role in this.

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