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Elanco’s approach to sustainability and ESG commitments is called Elanco Healthy Purpose™. This is a framework of commitments and actions that is focused on advancing the well-being of animals, people and the planet, enabling us to realize our vision of ‘Food and companionship enriching life’.

Elanco Healthy Purpose™ addresses societal challenges and underscores Elanco’s role in improving the health and wellbeing of the majority of the world’s animals.

Sustainable changes to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Protein Pledge: We will create more resilient food systems by enabling 57 million more people to have access to nutritious protein.
  • Planet Pledge: We will remove 21 million tons of emissions from our customers' farms while reducing our own impact on the planet.
  • Pet Pledge: We will improve the world's wellbeing by helping at least 100 million more healthy pets help people.

Protein Pledge

The Elanco Protein Pledge is an active commitment to

  • improve the efficiency and sustainability of every farmer the company works with
  • improve the health and welfare of 3 billion farm animals 
  • support and enhance agricultural productivity and income of 250,000 dairy and poultry smallholder farmers

Our Protein Pledge contributes to SDG 2 – Zero Hunger.

Planet Pledge

Elanco’s Planet Pledge is a commitment to

  • be customers’ lead partner on the journey toward net zero emissions on their farms
  • grow the product portfolio with environmental benefits
  • accelerate toward sustainable packaging
  • achieve 100% renewable sources of electricity across the company’s operations

Our Planet Pledge contributes to SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG 13 - Climate Action 

Pet Pledge

Elanco’s Pet Pledge will

  • help 40 million more pets receive better care through the company's work with veterinarians and pet owners,
  • innovate by delivering a constant flow of new medicines and health products for pets
  • help the world understand and experience the benefits of pets on wellbeing

Our Pet Pledge contributes to SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being

4. Elanco Animal Health. Data on File

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Powered by People, Access and Innovation

These ambitions are powered by key Elanco differentiators:

  • People with purpose. Elanco is a safe harbor where passionate people have the tools to live out their purpose.
  • Access with purpose. Our position as a global animal health leader allows us to reach a significant percentage of the world’s animals.
  • Innovation with purpose. Every Elanco innovation focuses on our customers and society’s greatest needs.

Grounded in a Healthier Enterprise

Our unique differentiators make our pledges possible, and all of our sustainability/ESG efforts are grounded in our commitment to a healthier enterprise.

We are committed to governing our business with the highest ethical standards, and, through key performance indicators that will help us deliver on performance measurement, transparency and responsibility to all stakeholders. We will continue to evolve and improve while creating an environment where employees feel safe, respected, empowered and invested in making a difference to society.

Hear More About Our Commitments from Elanco CEO Jeff Simmons

Achieving our CSR commitments requires investment, partnership and business success. We must ensure the strength and viability of our business as the platform for our ability to play our role fully in society. Strong business performance gives us the scope and ability to tackle society’s challenges and enables us to be a force for good in the world, both through the products and services we provide and, in our ability, to influence the systems in which we operate.” – Jeff Simmons

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