24 August 2022

Culture as Our Differentiator: Winning the Battle for Talent in Asia Pacific


Posted by: Mukta Arora 

Just as individuals are treading new career paths since the pandemic, so are organisations who are learning, growing, and adapting to an ever-changing world.

While salary and benefits remain important, we often hear people talking about all the other things they are looking for in a workplace – things like flexible working hours and opportunities for growth and development.

Priscilla Tan, Elanco APAC senior director for human resources, says a recent internal study shows a strong desire for faster career acceleration. “As a result of this feedback, we are becoming more proactive about career discussions and weaving them into the fabric of our business culture. Such meaningful conversations will engage talents early on and drive higher commitment to grow with Elanco.”

Elanco’s presence across the Asia Pacific region has grown enormously over the last five years… from the type of customers and markets that we serve (including pets and aquaculture) to the nature of the work we do – and the ways we work and engage with each other. For me, as the leader of the Elanco Innovation Alliance Centre in India and the Elanco Women’s Network in Asia Pacific, I have the unique opportunity (indeed it is a privilege) to connect with women and men from across the region about what matters to them, why they choose to work at Elanco and how Elanco can become an even better place to work. 

Flexible work and having the opportunity to bring our whole selves to work are often mentioned as workplace attributes by large organisations. These can often feel like cliches, but they are very real at Elanco.

“I have the flexibility to manage care commitments for my older parents,” said Kathryn Humphries, senior brand manager in Australia. “There is great empathy and support for that part of me, and it helps me feel valued.” Similarly, Sweta Pachlangiya, consultant – finance, planning and control in India explains how she appreciates being able to “actively contribute to our employee resource groups (such as the Elanco Women’s Network) and bring my passions to work.”

In addition to these, I find that my colleagues consistently want to make a big difference at work – whether it be through global project teams who transform our organization, through partnership with customers or through making a positive impact on the millions of animals we care for every day. 

This is especially true for veterinarians who work for Elanco. In Thailand, Kannika Aungtragoolsuk D.V.M., key account manager, supports CP Foods with advice on animal care – including disease prevention, prudent use of antimicrobials and animal performance. “I’m proud to be following in the footsteps of my father who was also a veterinarian. And because pet ownership is growing and meat consumption is also growing, I know the role and opportunities for veterinarians is more valued than ever – and critical for addressing societal challenges.”

Dr. Liung Wun Chee, APAC senior director for regulatory based in Malaysia, is also a trained veterinarian and describes the work of his team – connecting the day-to-day with that critical bigger picture, in a unique way. “Just like a bricklayer who is not just laying bricks but building a magnificent cathedral, our regulatory teams at Elanco are not just writing dossiers. They are enhancing the human-animal bond and building food security by enabling new animal care innovation to reach veterinarians and pet owners across the region.”

I have personally spent time with more than 300 employees here in India as we have built the Elanco Innovation Alliance Centre team over the last few years. I listen deeply to what matters to them, what drives them and what they need from me and their workplace. Not only is the time spent in those conversations personally enriching, but it also reinforces our culture of openness and purpose – helping employees feel like they belong and understand the importance of the work they do at Elanco.  We will continue – as individuals and as an organisation – to grow and adapt, making culture our differentiator.

For more information about working at Elanco, visit www.elanco.com/en-apac.


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