Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are built into our company values and promises.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Elanco

As a leading animal health organization, we value, respect and celebrate diversity within our global workforce by encouraging employees to bring their whole self to work and committing to their personal and professional growth. Our Employee Promise states that together, we foster an inclusive culture where everyone can make a difference, encouraging ownership, growth and well-being, while focusing on customers and the animals in their care.   

Elanco has a broad view on diversity, including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, skill set, educational background, disability/ability, among other aspects. Our employees’ unique experiences and backgrounds allow us to meet challenges effectively and perform efficiently at a global level.  Our comprehensive DEI strategy starts with targeted recruitment efforts, inclusion and equity learning opportunities for leaders and all employees, dedicated mentorship, and development opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups and continued acknowledgement of the needs of our diverse workforce through the evolution of our benefits, including holidays and parental leave.    

“As Chair of the Elanco Women's Network in APAC I can see the real difference Elanco’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is making for our female colleagues, our teams and our business performance”

— Mukta Arora, MD Elanco Innovation Alliance Centre India and Chair Elanco Women's Network APAC

“Few parts of the world are as culturally diverse as ASEAN and the wider APAC region – from business cultures and agricultural systems to cross-border team dynamics and customer needs.  It brings challenges for sure, but our ability to harness the benefits of that diversity will be a key driver of our growth and success into the future.  It’s also a key reason why I love my job at Elanco"

— Ric Lee, Senior Country Director, Indonesia, Philippines & Malaysia

"At Elanco, we establish a culture that embraces diversity, equality and inclusion. Diversity is the ‘what’ (demographics of workforce such as gender, race, age, background, etc.) and Inclusion is the ‘how’ that focuses on efforts to enable employees feel safe, respected, treated fairly and happy at work.

— Priscilla Tan, Senior Director Human Resources, Asia Pacific

Elanco's Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council:

Elanco’s DEI efforts began as an employee-driven effort, initiated by the formation of the first DEI Council in 2015 and leading to development of nine Employee Resource Groups (ERG) over the last five years.  By serving as a key partner and advocate for all employees, the council serves as internal business consultant and DEI Champion (building DEI partnerships across Elanco), furthers community building through the annual Multicultural Summit and other events, and acts as a recruiting and retention resource for diverse talent.

Our ERGs support the needs of specific employee groups, and they act as change catalyst to drive the inclusive culture we promise to employees. Each of our ERGs include active involvement from employees across demographics and are sponsored by an executive leadership team member. These groups build community and support development and business growth throughout the company.

Elanco Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):

  • Elanco African American Network (EAAN)
  • Elanco Chinese Network (ECN)
  • Elanco Women's Network (EWN)
  • Elanco India Network (EIN)
  • Elanco Young Professionals Network (EYP)
  • Organization of Latinos/Hispanics at Elanco (OLHE)
  • Elanco PRIDE
  • Elanco Disability Awareness Network (EDAN)
  • Elanco Veteran Network (EVN)

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