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We Help African Smallholder Farmers Thrive

Elanco is committed to Shared Value initiatives through which we open new markets in Africa while advancing the livelihoods of thousands of small-scale livestock producers in a sustainable way.

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Leveraging the intersection of business growth and social impact

Livestock disease is a significant threat to achieving global food security. In some parts of Africa, up to 25 % of livestock is lost due to animal disease*. We provide sustainable solutions that help small-scale producers in Sub-Saharan Africa tap the potential of their livestock.

Expanding our footprint across Africa

Since 2017, we empower farmers to sustainably care for healthy, productive animals. As part of the East Africa Growth Accelerator (EAGA), Elanco has been registering and distributing affordable, high quality veterinary products in small pack sizes in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We’ve also been offering training initiatives on the use of animal health products, which can be difficult to receive in rural areas.

In 2022, we expand our shared value footprint and launch the MAHABA initiative (Managing Animal Health and Acaricides for a Better Africa) in partnership with GALVmed. This initiative brings a comprehensive product portfolio to farmers in Uganda and Nigeria and has a strong focus on addressing the resistance of ticks to acaricides. In addition, Elanco also provides education to help local farmers successfully manage ticks and the impact of tick-borne-diseases, while facilitating significant livestock productivity gains.

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Since 2017, we reached 240,000 dairy and poultry small-holder farmers in East Africa.


Our work benefited the health of 1 million cows and 16 million chickens.**

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We’re partnering with GALVmed to improve the lives of those who depend on livestock. This work is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Elanco listed on the 2021 FORTUNE Change the World list

In 2021, Elanco was named to the Top 20 of the FORTUNE’s Change the World list, recognizing the positive impact of its shared value initiative in East Africa on the livelihoods of local people. We deliver sustainable development solutions through healthier animals – and we’re proud to make a difference!

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Sharing knowledge with small-scale livestock producers builds a better future for all

Further scaling our work on driving positive change in animal husbandry, Elanco partnered with Farm Radio International and local broadcasters to reach more than 4 million smallholder farmers across Tanzania with interactive radio programs on animal disease, prevention and treatment. As a result, approximately 60% of farmers surveyed*** change behaviors to improve animal health and care.

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Creating socio-economic value in underserved markets

The team behind Elanco’s first shared value initiative, EAGA, has achieved ground-breaking results. The benefits are systemic, improving animal health and farmers' livelihoods and supporting the growth of local communities.

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence used the Social Return on Investment (SROI) guidelines to evaluate the socio-economic impact of EAGA, based on stakeholder testimonies. The impact was calculated for each stakeholder category, from farmers to distributors. Until the end of 2018, EAGA delivered a Social Return on Investment of up to 250%** and we will share EAGA’s Net Economic benefit to farmers in 2022.

Since 2020, the East-African business is independently sustainable and has been fully integrated into our commercial operations.

Now we’re excited to partner with GALVmed to further expand our impact to Nigeria and Uganda.

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Elanco Employee
It is gratifying to see the impact of our work: from farmers and animal health professionals shaking our hands and thanking us for the quality training, to feed millers appreciating that they can now have available feed additives which they knew from the internet.

Patrick Yiapan, Key Account Manager, SSA-East Africa

Until 2030, Elanco commits to expanding its shared value footprint as part of its pledge to create more resilient food systems by 2030. This helps improve the efficiency and sustainability of every farmer the company works with, improves the health and welfare of 3 billion farm animals and supports and enhances agricultural productivity and income of 250,000 dairy and poultry smallholder farmers by the end of the decade. Learn more about our commitment here.

*African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal resources (AU-IBAR). Impact of livestock diseases in Africa. Published on 25 January 2013. Accessed on 1st June 2018 on http://www.au-ibar.org/vacnada-livestock-diseases?showall=1&limitstart=

** Elanco Animal Health. Data on File.

*** Farm Radio International. Data on File.

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Über Elanco

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