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Explore the products and services we provide for farm animals, helping farmers and veterinarians raise healthy livestock and make food safer.

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Healthy Farm Animals

Raising healthy animals limits the potential for disease spread, supports farmers' livelihoods, and provides nutrient-rich meat, milk, fish, and eggs to nourish and support human health. 

Through our products and services, we improve the health of animals by supporting the prevention, control, and treatment of disease. Guided by our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life, we ensure integrity, affordability, and availability of the food supply, and help to raise animals more efficiently, through supporting healthier people and a healthier environment. 


We equip poultry producers with the tools they need to prevent, treat and control common poultry challenges and improve the health of their flock.


Our products and services help dairies produce wholesome, safe milk, and drive sustainability by improving the overall health and well-being of dairy cows.

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We strive to help farmers and ranchers deliver a sustainable supply of safe, affordable beef through products and services that prevent, treat and control cattle diseases, improve performance and production.

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By taking a holistic approach to disease management with the “Full Value Pigs approach”, we support swine professionals with a portfolio of products that help to control specific enteric and respiratory diseases.

close up of a grey fish in the sea with others in the distance


We help fish farmers improve the health and quality of their stocks, by ensuring that every fish, wherever it is raised, faces fewer barriers to healthy growth

two sheep standing in a field


We empower those who raise and care for sheep by providing a range of innovative animal health products and technical services that prevent, treat, and control a range of ectoparasites and ectoparasitic diseases, including blowfly strike and lice.

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