Since we opened our doors in 1954, Elanco’s commitment to animal welfare, animal health, and sustainable agriculture has gone far beyond the products we sell. We are committed to delivering expertise through science-based insights into some of animal health’s most pressing and difficult issues. With a team of 5,800 people worldwide, including leading scientists and researchers, Elanco employs an evidence-based approach to leading a dialogue around relevant, timely topics such as food security, sustainability, disease prevention, pet health, pain management, and responsible use of innovation in food production.

At Elanco, we focus on two causes: food security and the human-animal bond. Both focuses align with our foundational beliefs and our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life. Our shared-value strategy engages employees, connects with the communities where we live and work, and aims to provide global, sustainable solutions.

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In food security, we are working to ensure that nutritious food is accessible and affordable to all through multiple hunger-related initiatives, including partnerships with Heifer International and United Way Worldwide. By 2020, we aim to help break the cycle of hunger for 100 communities around the world through efforts designed to address community-specific needs, while empowering community members to advance the effort.

Examples of our food security efforts include:

  • Partnering with Heifer International projects in Asia and Africa
  • Raising awareness about the growing challenge of food security and partnering with others to develop solutions through the ENOUGH Movement, a global community working together to ensure everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food – today and in the future
  • East Africa Growth Accelerator (EAGA), our first shared value initiative helps farming families by providing access to high-quality, reliable veterinary medicines and knowledge.
  • Developing better quality inputs for fish farming families by providing young fish for distribution and improved rearing practices through the Fish for Hope program in the Democratic Republic of Congo


We provide a wide range of products and services to ensure pets live well and live long. We celebrate the bond between humans and pets in our daily lives through increased interactions with companion animals, better access to veterinary care, and global programs that support the human-animal bond.

Pets enrich our lives through companionship and at Elanco, we advocate for the health benefits pets bring to people by supporting and highlighting the research that proves pets are good for us and our communities. We support the animals that support us - from assistance and therapy animals to search, rescue, and police dogs.

We work to achieve this through partnerships with therapy and service organizations across the world, such as Pet Partners and Canine Assistants in the U.S. and across Europe and Asia, and in coordination with our veterinary customers’ programs.

Examples of our human-animal bond efforts:

  • Supporting the international expansion of pet therapy through development of new evaluators and teams in 11 countries with Pet Partners.
  • Aiding with the training and certification of over 11,000 Pet Partners handlers across 9 species of therapy animals.


Each year, Elanco employees dedicate a full day to volunteering in our communities, called the Global Day of Service. It’s one of the largest single-day corporate volunteer programs in the world. Thousands of employees join local partners and community groups to support a wide variety of initiatives. Whether beautifying city streets, collecting food, building homes for families in need, or caring for animals at local shelters, we take pride in giving back to our neighbors. Employees are also provided with a half-day per quarter of paid time off to serve their communities in a cause that aligns to their personal interests.

One Health

One Health is our name for the ecosystem in which healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment work in balance for a healthier world. The concept of One Health is woven throughout the Elanco culture and what enables us to realize our vision of “Food and Companionship Enriching Life.”

We recognize the impact animal health has on the health of people and the planet. They are all connected, and all contribute to the success and sustainability of our shared ecosystem for today and generations to follow. To achieve a future where everyone can live and thrive, we must make progress on three aspects of global health: healthy animals, people, and planet. And we believe it starts with animals.

  • Healthy Animals

  • Healthy People

    Access to healthy food options and a balanced diet including meat, milk, and eggs, supports human health from physical and cognitive development, preventing obesity, and maintaining muscle mass as we age. Additionally, the companionship of a pet improves physical, emotional and social well-being, enabling personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

  • Healthy Planet

    Environmental health is essential to a thriving planet. Healthy animals fundamentally lessen the impact on the planet, as they require fewer resources. We seek to bring practices and innovation that help conserve natural resources, starting on the farm.

At Elanco, our One Health commitment comes to life in multiple forms, including our research focuses, product portfolio, and our CSR programs, like the ENOUGH Movement and our work through Pet Partners.

The ENOUGH Movement demonstrates how we can produce ENOUGH animal protein for a food secure world while starting with animals and preserving our environment through innovation, choice, access, and nutrition. ENOUGH represents an actionable approach to One Health: using innovation to produce food to nourish people while using less resources and ensuring the welfare of animals remains a top priority.

Pet Partners is a leading non-profit organization that provides and promotes volunteer therapy animal handlers, as well as animal-assisted therapy, activities and education. We work through Pet Partners to promote the mutually beneficial relationship of the human-animal bond that improves physical, social, and emotional well-being. As a part of our commitment, Elanco has supported efforts to build Pet Partners’ therapy animal program and expand internationally.

We Believe

We believe starting with animals is the key to solving global health care and food security challenges. We all deserve a functional food system. We all deserve healthier options. Animals deserve to be well cared for and to have healthy, high quality lives. These fundamental beliefs drive our commitment to relentlessly pursue animal health innovations that contribute to healthier people and a healthier environment.

  • At Elanco,
    we believe:

  • Making food more affordable, safe, and accessible starts with an animal that is healthy and well-cared for.

    Ensuring a sustainable food supply requires meeting present and future food demands with fewer animals, not more. This requires protecting animal health and welfare, raising animals better while lessening their impact on the environment, and reducing food waste, starting at the farm.

    Globally, 20 percent of animal productivity today is lost to death and disease before entering the food system1. This is one of the untold stories of food waste.

  • Companionship provided by pets plays an important role in a person’s health and well-being with proven benefits to physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

  • Pets should have access to innovative health solutions that help them live longer, higher-quality lives.

  • Consumers should have access to accurate information as well as nutritional food in able to make their own informed decisions.

  • Increasing the availability and quality of nutrition - particularly protein – is essential, especially in areas with the greatest need.

    One in three people in our world get the wrong nutrition, from malnutrition to obesity2. Food insecurity continues to threaten about 1 billion people worldwide, and world hunger is expected to grow an additional 2 billion by 20503.

    We believe animal protein can positively impact human health more than any other food group by providing the essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living.

The Need for Collaboration

We can’t achieve this alone. We must collaborate and work together across the food system, and we must work with those on the front lines, including veterinarians and farmers. Veterinarians have daily, first-hand knowledge of the biggest obstacles between animals and better health. Farmers are continually looking for new and improved ways to sustainably produce food and bring unique expertise through hands-on experience. Dictating practices encourages compliance to a single approach, and could hamstring innovation. Setting outcomes and goals encourages innovation and new approaches to create desired results, respecting the uniqueness and differences in local resources, animals, and people.


2 World Health Organization. WHO Global Database on Anemia. Retrieved from

3 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2017.

Responsible Use of Antibiotics

The concern about reduced effectiveness of antibiotics is real and must be addressed. Antibiotic resistance occurs naturally over time. All those involved - the human, animal, and environmental health communities - must take responsibility and work together to develop long-term, responsible solutions.

Elanco is committed to bringing greater clarity and collaboration to issues around antibiotic stewardship. We are actively engaged in shaping science-based recommendations on responsible antibiotic use, animal welfare, and the long-term sustainability of the food system. As part of this commitment, in 2015, Elanco joined leaders from across human and animal health at the White House to further antibiotic stewardship and protect long-term effectiveness of antibiotics. At that event, Elanco released its aggressive, multifaceted 8-point plan to combat antibiotic resistance. This plan includes increasing responsible antibiotic use, reducing the need for shared-class antibiotics, and replacing antibiotics with alternatives through focused research investment. Elanco also hosted a landmark, first-of-its-kind One Health Antibiotic Stewardship Summit for the global animal protein industry and food chain leaders where participants declared key priorities to addressing antibiotic resistance and stewardship.


Read more about this commitment and our progress in our Antibiotic Stewardship Progress Report.

The following resources provide more information about this commitment:

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One Health Summit

Shared Value

The idea of Shared Value is changing the way we think about how to improve access to nutritious food around the world in sustainable ways. It is also a concept that has a goal of eventually ensuring that more pets and livestock have access to veterinary care and medicines.

Staying true to our One Health approach, in 2017, Elanco launched its first Shared Value initiative, made possible through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Through this project, to Elanco’s animal health products become available in affordable small pack sizes for small poultry and dairy farmers in East African countries, where livestock diseases remain a threat to food security. The East Africa Growth Accelerator (EAGA) project has put teams in place to register and distribute high-quality veterinary products and train smallholder farmers to better care for their animals through preventative care and administration of the right medications.

More than half of the anticipated growth in global population between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa (an estimated 1.3 billion people). The EAGA project allows us to enable farmers to become more productive and self-sufficient, which will reduce poverty, increase farmers’ income, and improve the diets and health of their families.