Elanco: Past, Present and Future

Since our start, Elanco has worked to empower veterinarians, farmers, and all those caring for animals with the tools needed to help animals live healthy lives.

A Legacy of Innovation

For more than 65 years, we've focused on delivering innovative animal health solutions that solve our customers’ greatest challenges.


Where it All Began

Elanco has helped shape the lives of animals and their care providers for more than half a century.

Elanco's first ever logo


The Beginning of Elanco Animal Health

Eli Lilly and Company introduces the first antibiotic exclusively for veterinary use.

woman walking through a barn next to cows whilst petting a dog


A Dedication to Plants & Animals

New plant and animal science activities are organised and combined into Lilly's Agricultural and Industrial Sales Division.

lilly elanco building


Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine Research Center

Eli Lilly and Company purchases acreage adjoining the Biological Laboratories of Greenfield, Ind. The facility is completed in 1959 and opens as the Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine Research Center.


Expanding Products

With the purchase of Corn State Laboratories, Lilly expands its line of veterinary products.


The 60s, 70s & 80s

In 1960, Elanco began growing rapidly into new countries and markets.

image of a man before Elanco became Elanco


Elanco Name Begins

The Agricultural and Sales Division is reorganised and Elanco Products Company is launched.

image of a building


Expanding Elanco's Footprint

Elanco expands its footprint by establishing agricultural units and opening up regional offices.

elanco logos throughout the years


Growing Business and Products

Elanco continues its global expansion and changes its identity with a bold new logo.


New Research Focus

Research and development shifts from plant science toward animal health, specifically on increasing the quality of animal-sourced protein.


The early 2000s

A new century brings new changes. Elanco moves its headquarters, acquires new partners, and rapidly grows the product portfolio.


Bringing Employees Together

Elanco builds a dedicated global headquarters campus in Greenfield, Ind., bringing together employees from all areas of the company for the first time.

close up of a woman smiling shaking a mans hand


Growing Through Acquisition

Elanco acquires long-term partner Ivy Animal Health and launches its Pet Animal businesses.

a dog in the vet's office with little boy by its side


The 2010s to Present

From 2010, Elanco continued to expand its global presence and portfolio of products and solutions.

elanco map


European Expansion

Elanco expands its European presence with the acquisition of Janssen Animal Health.

elanco map


A Growing Portfolio

With the acquisition of ChemGen, Elanco obtains a portfolio of feed enzyme products for poultry, egg and meat production.


Global Growth and Product Expansion

Elanco completes the first expansion of its headquarters and establishes 'hubs' in international cities. The Pet Animal portfolio grows, and Elanco enters the vaccines sector.

vet checking out a small dog


Global Poultry Leader

Elanco acquires Lohmann Animal Health and becomes a global leader in poultry.

close up of a chicken


Leading Animal Health

Elanco acquires Novartis Animal Health. The combined organisation is committed to leading the animal health industry in delivering innovation and customer value.

Image of Elanco's headquaters sign outside


U.S. Expansion

Elanco expands its U.S. pet health portfolio by acquiring an innovative platform of vaccines from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica.


The New, Independent Elanco

Elanco lists on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ELAN), separating from Lilly and giving its employees ownership.

group of people infront of Elancos office logo clapping and punching the air


Elanco Completes Separation from Lilly

Elanco becomes a fully-independent pure play animal health company

girl holding a dog with cattle in the background


Elanco's Healthy Purpose™

Elanco launches its Healthy Purpose™ initiative: its corporate social responsibility platform, and commitment to realising its vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life.

Health Purpose icon


Elanco Foundation

Elanco establishes the Elanco Foundation, which is the first-ever charitable foundation in animal health.

Elanco animal health foundation logo


Elanco Closes Acquisition of Bayer Animal Health

Elanco, now with the addition of Bayer Animal Health, has improved capabilities, scale and global reach to position the company as a long-term leader in the growing global animal health market.

woman with two dogs during sunrise

Our Vision for the Future

As we focus on the future ahead of us, Elanco is committed to animal health and innovation, increasing our ability to deliver for farmers, veterinarians and pet owners.

two men and a woman fixing bamboo sticks to a wall frame
Elanco employees around the world are working to build a leading animal health company that will make a tangible difference in advancing the health of animals, people and the planet.

The Next Chapter

Our next era of growth will bring continued growth of our product innovation and purpose-driven culture as we further our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life.

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