Elanco works with global customers, veterinarians, and industry leaders – and uses data analytics – to gain insights on current and future customer and market needs. This enables us to create and maintain an attractive pipeline of products to address those needs. Our focus is not just innovating products, but changing the approach to innovation in animal health.

We seek out and fund ideas and molecules from multiple potential internal and external sources. And we employ the best scientists and pharmaceutical product developers, structuring our internal research and development process into four stages:

  • Research and External Innovation: We identify ideas, products, or technologies that can address unmet or under-met needs for animal disease prevention and treatment, and future protein and health needs.
  • Early Development: We design specific formulations while assessing safety, proving efficacy, defining dosages and developing efficient manufacturing and effective delivery processes.
  • Late Development and Registration: We conduct definitive studies on product efficacy and effectiveness, animal safety, human safety and environmental toxicology, and we provide data (including product stability studies) that helps assure the quality of our products and meets regulatory requirements.
  • Support: We provide in-depth technical expertise to support our products and our customers.

In addition to our internal R&D organization, sources of innovation are multiplying. At Elanco, we seek to harness that energy and remain at the forefront of this innovation movement. From crowd sourcing to venture funds and unique project financing opportunities, it’s the right time to disrupt traditional thinking about research and development. Our goal is to be the partner of choice for these technology developers.