Predictable results and ongoing support for your business goals

The Elanco quality management systems ensure that we delivery consistently high quality products. Elanco gives our customers confidence they can raise healthy animals--animal after animal, year after year. That confidence originates from our strong internal and external foundation of quality.

Externally, our customers know that producers, veterinarians and regulatory agencies in more than 80 countries have validated Elanco products. This includes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Medicines Agency and dozens of other regulatory bodies.

Internally, Elanco reassures its customers with a more than 50-year history of innovation and quality. In that time, Elanco has built in control over everything from raw materials to final formulations, and from product packaging to analytics. We’ve been there, and we’ll be there in the future, delivering new solutions to challenges in animal health.

We organize our systems and train our staff to operate within our quality confines from the ground up. Our customers know where our products come from, how they were handled—and most importantly, how they’ll perform. Start-to-finish quality checks and audits serve to reduce customer risks—risks of contamination, risks of product stability, and risks associated with import/export residue levels. We closely manage our supply chain to assure that we are protected against global supply chain incidents.

These internal and external quality measures result in predictable, quantifiable results from your animals to support your long-term business goals. We also give you the confidence you need by conducting ongoing pharmacovigilance and feed assay services while monitoring trends in animal health and food safety.

By using consistent products that help you achieve predictable performance, you can confidently protect your brand and build trust with your customers—the same way we do.