Start-to-finish control to reduce risk and deliver consistent products

At Elanco, we exercise stringent control over our products and our processes to achieve quality. That’s how we deliver consistent products that protect the trust and confidence you’ve built by using Elanco products.

We control every step from formulation to packaging to ensure stability of our products. All raw materials must meet our established standards, and we conduct quality audits of our suppliers to make sure they’re meeting our quality expectations. Strict quality measures ensure the active ingredient and the formulation meet our high specifications—specifications that we’ve established based on proven research. We have robust control of our manufacturing processes to ensure that each unit meets our specifications and customer requirements. Every lot is analyzed to ensure it meets all specifications before it is sold. Elanco assures the shelf-life of our products by conducting robust stability studies on every formulation before it is marketed, and also by storing samples from every batch for two to three years post-expiration for observation and measurement.

If we change anything—formulation to packaging—we’ll conduct stability testing to ensure you get the consistent results you expect time after time, in animal after animal.

Elanco’s employees and facilities reflect our adherence to tight controls as well. Elanco manufacturing facilities run according to our exacting specifications. All facilities and manufacturing sites follow current Good Manufacturing Practices that meet U.S. FDA and European Union requirements. And more than 15% of Elanco’s manufacturing workforce is dedicated to quality assurance and control. People on the quality team are experienced and extensively trained—most employees have logged hundreds of hours of training specific to their jobs