Meticulous control for consistent products that you and your customers can trust

We’re able to deliver consistency and confidence by meticulously controlling each step and every process involved in development of our products and services. All raw material suppliers must pass quality audits, and every raw material meets rigid specifications and passes built-in quality checks before being used in production. Built-in checks continue throughout production to ensure stability and efficacy—and to protect against product contamination. Even packaging undergoes stability studies to ensure the efficacy and integrity of our products.

We meet our own expectations of quality—and those of our parent company, Eli Lilly and Company. But as an Elanco customer, you also gain confidence from knowing that outside agencies validate Elanco’s quality. Elanco products have been approved for sale in more than 80 countries—we meet the expectations of thousands of customers and dozens of regulatory agencies worldwide, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Medicines Agency. Perhaps most importantly, we live up to your expectations of us too.

We understand the value of your brand—and the importance of protecting it. We have a heritage of our own to protect, a heritage of more than 50 years in animal health. Our brand embodies that heritage. We know consistency and confidence help earn and retain your trust and the trust of your customers. To protect our customers and our heritage, we don’t take risks with our brand—or yours.