A trusted partner offering a new integrated-systems approach to food safety

Food Safety Solutions

A long-trusted leader in the food-production business, Elanco is equally committed to the safety of that food. Elanco has launched a new business platform focused on food safety that develops and markets food-safety products and services to the food-animal industry through Elanco Food Solutions.

Elanco Food Solutions offers a new integrated systems approach to food safety. It was a natural next step for a company known for its products and services that improve the health and productivity of food animals around the world.

As food-production systems around the world evolve, the meat and poultry industries must move toward total-management systems where addressing food safety is imperative. Elanco Food Solutions brings its customers a full-service, science-based, proactive approach to food safety through food-safety technologies, informatics and diagnostics. We also offer application systems for our food-safety interventions plus ongoing support, customized service and food-safety expertise.

Elanco Food Solutions will continue to expand its food-safety technologies, services and solutions globally. Check back often for additional information.

Product availability and use restrictions vary by country. Consult individual Elanco offices or websites for detailed product information.

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