A vital dairy industry partner helping to produce more milk from fewer cows

Elanco Dairy embraces the company’s vision of enriching life. Our goal is to be a strong, collaborative and supportive link in the dairy food chain—a food chain that progresses from producer, to co-op, to processor, to retailer and to consumer.

At Elanco Dairy, we pursue innovative technologies that promote the well-being of the cow and boost the efficiency of her natural metabolism to convert feed energy into safe, wholesome milk. Elanco strives to bring value to the dairy industry by delivering industry-best technologies and trusted solutions in the areas of:

  • Productivity
  • Milk production efficiency
  • Calves and heifers
  • Pest control
  • Ketosis

By helping to produce more milk from fewer cows, Elanco technologies help to improve dairy sustainability as well.

Elanco is committed to help veterinarians and dairy farmers with innovative solutions to improve cow’s health and wellbeing with a focus on the transition period. The fact is, 60 days prior to calving until 30 days after calving (The Vital 90™ Days), is a time of great risk and vulnerability for every cow in your herd. 

Elanco solutions to tackle challenges during The Vital 90™ Days period include diagnostics, monitoring tools and educational materials as well as products to treat or reduce the incidence of some immune supression and negative energy balance diseases related to The Vital 90 Days. These solutions should be part of a holistic approach based on a partnership between veterinarians and farmers and you should consult with your Veterinarian.

Elanco Dairy invites you to learn more about us, our products and our collaboration with our customers.

Product availability and use restrictions vary by country. Consult individual Elanco offices or websites for detailed product information.

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