Proven management tools that prevent and control cattle diseases, and improve live performance and red-meat yield

At Elanco Beef, our goal is to help deliver an abundant and sustainable supply of safe, affordable beef. To accomplish our goal, we pursue innovative solutions that enhance respiratory health, feed optimization, finishing improvement and grazing-cattle performance. As a beef-industry leader, we collaborate with the global food chain and passionately support choices for food producers and consumers around the world.

We provide products, services and technical support to help the beef industry in the areas of:

  • Respiratory health and disease management: Disease management expertise and innovative product solutions to treat and control Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) or cattle pneumonia and coccidiosis.
  • Feed optimization: We make the conversion of feed to meat as efficient as possible.
  • Finishing Improvement Technologies™: We optimize performance to meet customer end-point specifications based on live-weight or carcass-quality targets.
  • Elanco EDGE products for pasture cattle: We maximize profit potential by improving animal health and forage utilization, and by adding more pounds of saleable weight.
  • Elanco Knowledge Solutions: For many leading beef-cattle producers and their consultants, the Elanco brand means more than high-quality products. It also means a spectrum of value-enhancing services that provide a wide array of analytics, consultation and decision support tools focused on everything from reducing variation and improving operational efficiencies to helping manage business and brand risk.

Product availability and use restrictions vary by country. Consult individual Elanco offices or websites for detailed product information.

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