Our business and our purpose hinge on relentlessly pursuing animal health through innovation – continuously seeking new ways to contribute to healthier people and a healthier environment. We empower those who raise and care for animals with a comprehensive set of animal health products and knowledge services to help them address the global challenges of a diverse and changing world.

We offer products that:

  • Improve animal disease management and production efficiency
  • Help pets live longer and healthier lives
  • Reduce the environmental impact of livestock production and increase nutrient digestibility through continued focus on improved health, enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics
  • Enhance animal well-being and help animals live quality lives

Thanks to decades of high quality and consistent performance, our products and technologies have earned the trust of producers and veterinarians worldwide. And every day, we continue to build on this heritage, developing innovation to support unmet and underserved areas of animal health and food safety.

Healthy Food Animals

We recognize the impact animal health has on the health of people and the planet. Raising healthy animals limits potential for disease spread, supports livelihoods, and provides nutrient-rich meat, milk and eggs to nourish and support human health. We support prevention and control of disease as the increasingly preferred approach over disease treatment.

Our antibacterials, anticoccidials, vaccines, and other products improve animal health and make food safer by preventing and controlling disease. We’re also actively advancing the growing nutritional health segment of probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes, working to offer producers broader options for protecting animal health and improving animal performance.

Elanco’s proven technologies ensure integrity of food supply, while our productivity enhancers make food affordable and available by helping raise animals more efficiently.

By starting with animals, we are one step closer to solving our global health care and food security challenges. Continuously driving innovation, Elanco is contributing to healthier people and a healthier environment – advancing a vision of food and companionship enriching life.

All product availability and use restrictions vary by country. Consult individual Elanco offices or websites for detailed product information.

Elanco’s Healthy Food Animals


Elanco's Aqua team has one purpose: to help fish farmers around the world improve the health and quality of their stocks. We work to ensure that every fish, wherever it is raised, faces fewer barriers to healthy growth.

  • Learn how we care for fish

    Our scientists are dedicated to developing innovative medicines that prevent and combat the most damaging and costly diseases and parasites in salmon production, such as sea lice and pancreas disease. In the Chilean salmon industry alone, sea lice costs the industry $300 million a year in extra costs and lost production1.

    Support for our products doesn't end once they are introduced into the market. Instead, we partner with fish farmers to fully understand the challenges they face and continuously implement new solutions to meet their day-to-day needs and promote fish health.

    Through collaboration with our customers, academic institutions, and other industry partners, we are advancing aquaculture each day.


Cattle eat grasses and plants people can’t digest and turn it into an excellent source of important nutrients, such as iron and protein. Our goal is to help cattle farmers and ranchers deliver a sustainable supply of safe, affordable beef through tools that prevent and control cattle diseases and improve live performance and red-meat yield.

  • Learn how we care for cattle

    Through innovative products and knowledge services, Elanco enables beef producers to:

    • Prevent, treat and contain Bovine Respiratory Disease, cattle pneumonia, and coccidiosis
    • Raise animals more efficiently to produce more beef with fewer resources
    • Maximize profit potential by improving animal health and how animals use forage

Dairy Cows

Dairy foods, particularly milk, represent an essential source of nutrients needed for bone growth and development. Healthy dairy cows provide a reliable, high-quality source of milk.

  • Learn how we care for dairy cows

    Our goal is to be a strong, collaborative, and supportive link in the dairy food chain—a food chain that progresses from producer, to co-op, to processor, to retailer, and to consumer. Elanco is committed to working with farmers, veterinarians, and producers to improve the health and well-being of dairy cows. We deliver innovative products and knowledge solutions to aid with:

    • Mastitis
    • Ketosis
    • Calves and heifers
    • Pest control

    Our innovative technologies enable dairy producers to produce wholesome, safe milk. And, by helping to produce milk more efficiently, they help improve dairy sustainability too.


We provide poultry farmers with tools to control and prevent common poultry health challenges and take a conscientious approach to manage their flocks. All of this positions the industry to provide nutrient-rich meat and eggs to a growing population.

  • Learn how we care for poultry

    Elanco is committed to ensuring optimal respiratory and intestinal health for efficient, uniform growth. We aim to deliver value throughout the food chain by helping ensure intestinal integrity, helping poultry producers raise uniform flocks and improving production efficiency.

    Elanco makes products for broilers, breeders, layers, and turkeys that protect poultry health and ensure consistent performance. Our product solutions focus on preventing and controlling diseases and health threats such as:

    • Coccidiosis: As one of the most frequently reported diseases in broiler production, we provide solutions to treat and prevent attacks on the intestinal system and improve production.
    • Bacterial Enteritis: A serious threat to animal health and production, bacterial enteritis decreases livability of poultry flocks and negatively impacts poultry production.
    • Feed Efficiency and Weight Gain
    • Feed Induced Immune Response (FIIR): By managing the factors that cause this immune system stimulation, our products preserve energy and other valuable nutrients, allowing more energy available for growth and performance.
    • Mycoplasma: Often difficult to treat and highly infectious, this infection leads to chronic respiratory disease in chickens and infectious sinusitis in turkeys.
    • Respiratory Health

    Our innovations also contribute to food safety by reducing the threat of food-borne pathogens such as salmonella. Furthermore, we support all of our products with technical expertise and access to recognized leaders in poultry production and animal health.


At Elanco, we’re focused on offering pig farmers a holistic approach to disease management and herd health.

  • Learn how we care for pigs

    Elanco takes a holistic approach to disease management and herd health in swine production. One example of this holistic focus is our Full Value PigsTM platform, which helps pig farmers make informed decisions to protect their herd’s health. Our products, services, and technical support help pig farmers:

    • Take a holistic approach to disease management and herd health
    • Improve feed optimization to get the most out of the main input
    • Market pigs at the right weight and at the right time
    • Secure the market access, support and assurance producers need from a trusted partner

    By improving herd health, the Full Value PigsTM approach makes better use of resources, creating a sustainable link in the food chain and providing more pork to more people worldwide. It helps producers find more success in business, and benefits retailers and consumers by helping ensure a safe, affordable supply of food.


Healthy Pets

At Elanco, we understand the unique and loving bond you share with your pet – and want to help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Our companion animal research and development focuses on innovative and effective products and therapeutic solutions that prevent and treat pain and disease, enhance and extend quality of life and improve the type of care that pets receive.

We provide a wide range of products and services to ensure pets live well and live long, including:

  • Parasiticides
  • Vaccines
  • Therapeutics

We are committed to helping veterinarians better care for the pets and service animals we love, providing technical support or case management for any Elanco product.

As part of that commitment, we're available to provide timely and expert support to help veterinarians find the answers they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call our toll-free Veterinarian Hotline at: (1-888-545-5973)

Products and Services

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    Eli Lilly Export S.A.

    Parque Las Américas I
    235 Federico Costa Street, Suite 401
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    2500 Innovation Way
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    FAX: 317-276-9434
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Research and Development
  • Greenfield, IN (USA)
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South America

  • Argentina

    Eli Lilly Interamerica Inc.

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    Buenos Aires
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  • Brazil

    Eli Lilly do Brasil Limitada

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    Eli Lilly Chile Ltda

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    Eli Lilly Interamerica, Inc.

    Transversal 18 #96-41
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    Eli Lilly Interamerica Inc.

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Research and Development
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Eastern Europe

  • Czech Republic

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    Czech Republic
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    02-092 Warszawa
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  • Russia

    Elanco Rus Ltd.

    123317, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: +7 495 258 52 02

Western Europe

  • Austria

    Am Europlatz 2, Gebaude G
    Vie nna , Austria
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  • Belgium

    Elanco Belgium BVBA

    Plantin en Moretuslei 1A
    2018 Antwerp
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    Elanco Animal Health

    Lyskaervej 3E, 2TV
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    Lilly France S.A.

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    Elanco Deutschland GmbH

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    Eli Lilly Italia SpA

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    Elanco Nederland B.V.

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    Amoreiras Plaza Rua
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    Lilly S.A.

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    Elanco Animal Health Inc

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Africa/Middle East

  • Egypt

    Plot31 El Sheki h Zayed
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    Sin El Fil Lotno. 2252
    Beiruit, Lebanon
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  • Morocco

    Eli Lilly (Suisse) S.A.-Morocco

    Anfa, Bldg 209, 5th floor
    Phone: 212 52239 5555

  • Saudi Arabia

    Level 6, Akaria Plaza,
    North Wing,Gate D,
    OlayaStreet, P.O.Box 93228,
    Riyadh 114,8 KSA
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  • South Africa

    Eli Lilly (S.A.) (Pty.) Ltd.

    N1 Business Park
    Old Pretoria Road
    South Africa
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  • Tunisia

    29 rue Abou HamedEl Ghazali Montplaisri 1073
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  • Turkey

    Lilly ILAC Ticaret Ltd. Sirketi

    Kusbakisi Caddesi
    Rainbow Plaza No 4, Kat. 3
    34662 Istanbul
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  • China

    Elanco Animal Health

    A Division of Eli Lilly (Asia) Inc,
    Shanghai Rep Office,
    No. 222, Hu Bin Road,
    3 F, 1 Corporate Avenue
    Phone: 86 21 2302 1100
    FAX: 86 21 6335 3257
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  • India

    Rustam Bagh Layout,
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  • Japan

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  • Korea

    Elanco Korea Co., Ltd.

    3rd Floor CM B/D
    274 Seokchonhosu-ro, Songpa-gu
    Seoul 05623
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  • Taiwan

    Elanco Division

    RM 7E02, 7FL, #5, Sec. 5
    Hsin-Yi Rd.
    Taipei World Trade Center
    Exhibition Hall
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  • Thailand

    Elanco (Thailand) Ltd.

    689 Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier, 17th/1-3, 9-14
    Sukhumvit Road, North Klongton Sub-District
    Vadhana District, Bangkok 10110
    Phone : 66-2-269-0500
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  • Vietnam


    11 Doan Van Bo, HCMC Vietnam
    Phone: 84-8-6287-9179
    FAX: 84-8-3821-7146

Research and Development
  • Shanghai, China
  • Chungli, Taiwan
  • Wusi, China

Pacific Rim

  • Australia


    A Division of Eli Lilly
    Australia Pty Limited
    112 Wharf Rd
    West Ryde NSW 2114
    Phone: 61-2-9878-7777
    FAX: 61-2-9878-7720
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  • Indonesia

    Elanco Indonesia

    Eli Lilly Asia Inc.
    Representative Office
    Alamanda Tower, 19th Floor
    JL. TB Simatupang Kav 23-24, Jakarta 12340
    Phone: 62-21-2966-0069
    FAX: 62-21-2966-0325

  • Malaysia

    Elanco Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    Unit 5.04, Level 5, Nucleus Tower,
    10 Jalan PJU 7/6, Mutiara Damansara,
    47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA
    Phone: +603-7496 6363
    Fax: +603-7496 6262

  • New Zealand

    Eli Lilly and Company (N.Z.) Limited

    Elanco Animal Health
    Division of Eli Lilly and Company (NZ) Ltd.
    Level 1, 123 Ormiston Road,
    Botany Junction, Auckland 2016,
    New Zealand

    Phone:  64-9-272 5420  
    Fax: 64-9-271 6881
    Free phone: 0800 ELANCO (0800 352 626)
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  • Philippines

    12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center,
    Mandaluyong City,
    Phone: 63-2-634-5646
    FAX: 603-7722 4210

Research and Development
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Yarrandoo, Australia