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October 28, 2015

Updated Report Reveals Stark Realities of Feeding 9.7 Billion People by 2050

Today Elanco Animal Health released an updated report  in support of its groundbreaking food security movement, “ENOUGH: Building a Food-Secure Tomorrow”. The report and its new, interactive website can be found at  The ENOUGH report is anchored in true sustainability and focuses on four key pillars: Innovation, Choice, Access, and Nutrition. Each pillar offers a modern approach to tackling the global issue of food insecurity.

August 06, 2015

Elanco Animal Health Launches Osurnia

Today Elanco Animal Health announced the launch of OSURNIA, a treatment for canine otitis externa. An estimated one in 5 dogs will experience the discomfort of otitis externa – an inflammation of the ear canal that is often accompanied by ear pain, itchy ears, a strong odor and muffled hearing. Otitis externa is the second most common canine veterinary diagnosis in the U.S. and owner compliance is the biggest issue veterinarians face when treating these affected dogs.

May 18, 2015

Consumer Purchases Drive Donations of HATCH™ Eggs in Indiana

In the first four weeks since HATCH™ — a new way consumers, food stores and farmers can work together to provide eggs to undernourished people — was announced, 5,250 families in Central Indiana have received a dozen eggs through this unique program. This means more than 63,000 eggs have helped people of all ages fight undernourishment through the power of egg protein. The pilot program continues through June 20, with HATCH providing one egg to a local food bank for each dozen Kroger-brand medium eggs purchased.

April 13, 2015

HATCH launched to help fight hunger in local communities

Today, Elanco, The Kroger Co.’s Central Division (NYSE: KR), Rose Acre Farms, Gleaners Food Bank and Midwest Food Bank introduced a way consumers, food stores and farmers can easily work together to provide eggs to undernourished people of all ages. Called HATCHTM, this innovative community partnership was celebrated by community leaders, government officials, association representatives and food shoppers during a special event at a Kroger store in Indianapolis. The first HATCH pilot project, which involves 66 Central Indiana Kroger stores, will provide one egg to a local food bank for each dozen Kroger-brand medium eggs purchased through June 20.

April 09, 2015

SWG Survey reveals sixty eight percent of European families cannot afford enough protein due to economic crisis.

A new survey commissioned by Elanco’s ENOUGH Movement and conducted by SWG on 2,000 people across Italy, Germany, France and UK, shows that – based on their own general perception on food habits and behaviours as well as of their countrymen – about 50% of the interviewees say they cannot follow a sufficiently varied nutritional diet. In particular, fish, beef and pork are among foods often absent from people’s diet.

February 04, 2015

Steering Beef in the Right Direction

With continued improvement for farming practices, such as better year-round nutrition and improved breeding and genetic selection, fewer than 1.7 billion cattle and water buffalo will be needed to provide adequate global beef supplies. This is nearly the same size as today’s global herd of cattle and water buffalo, which is approximately 1.68 billion. More importantly, the beef industry can freeze its environmental footprint to 2010 levels.

January 23, 2015

Elanco, Tyson Foods and GNP Company team up to fight hunger

Elanco announced results of its #Feedthe9 community outreach to help fight hunger. In support of its vision for a food-secure world, Elanco’s poultry business unit donated a total of $18,000 to three customers’ community partners, and worked with 400 employees at GNP CompanyTM and Tyson Foods locations in three states to provide more than 10 tons of food and package over 14,000 meals.

January 01, 2015

Elanco closes on Novartis Animal Health deal

Elanco announced that it has completed the acquisition of Novartis Animal Health, which will further position Lilly’s Elanco as a global leader in the animal health industry.

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