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1 February 2021

We Must Learn to Live with Global Challenges


Posted by Gabriel Salmerón  | 01-FEB-2021

There has been said so much already about 2020. It was a totally different year. It was the first time in a century that we faced a global pandemic that, despite many predictions, is getting worst in many countries, writes Gabriel Salmerón, General Manager Elanco Mexico.  

In Mexico, as in the rest of Latin America and the world, the circumstances have imposed several challenges that we have had to address urgently. On one hand, Governments have been forced to plan in a race against time and made complex decisions within days that in a different scenario may have taken years. On the other hand, we -as members of society- have had to show our solidarity and empathy to stop the spreading of the disease, doing our best and sacrificing being in physical contact with our loved ones. Unfortunately, we have lost lives of friends and relatives, and many families have suffered.

Unemployment rates have also increased in our vulnerable region. Several sectors have been deeply impacted. In our case, as members of the animal health industry, we have been working under uninterrupted contact with farmers, pet owners and veterinarians to guarantee that the animals on their care continue receiving the products and services they need to keep their health and wellbeing. We have had to act quickly to guarantee the supply of our products even in these adverse conditions.

If the situation took us all by surprise the past year, this year we must learn to live with the pandemic. Fortunately, there are many global efforts that are contributing to control it and put it into an end. However, even if the end of the pandemic arrives soon this year, as we are all hoping for, we must realize that we will continue to face global challenges, like climate change, hunger, and new diseases. We, as Elanco, are working to be part of the solution with our Healthy Purpose approach: advancing the well-being of animals, people and the planet.

Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of unexpected challenges. For 2021, we already know that extraordinary circumstances demand exceptional attitudes and decisions. Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, the world challenges will keep coming. Which is why we must learn to prevent them or understand how to live with them.

Under the actual circumstances, in Elanco we are aware of our responsibility and we will keep working to support farmers to ensure that families around the globe have quality and affordable protein on their tables. We will increase our endeavors to guarantee that pets live a longer and healthier life. We will keep our pledge to reduce the environmental footprint of our customers and our business.

I am convinced that the only effective way to face tough challenges is to work together with the industry, remaining committed with agility and dedication.


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