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7 June 2020

Safe Food Relies on Healthy Animals


Posted by Nedim Uzey 

Healthy animals provide nutrient-rich meat, milk and eggs to nourish and support human health. World Food Safety Day on June 7 is a reminder that it all starts with good animal health, writes Nedim Uzey, Head of Market Access and Regulatory at Elanco Turkey.

We know and understand that people are concerned about the safety and the origin of their food. As a veterinarian myself, I believe – as does my company – that raising healthy animals is key to safer food. We are committed to supporting veterinarians and farmers, enhance the health and well-being of their livestock.

According to a recent survey by the European Food Safety Authority, one of the most important factors for Europeans when buying food is how safe it is to eat, alongside cost, taste and provenance.1

Consumers are actively seeking out more information about the food they eat and they have a high level of awareness of food safety topics. In fact, two thirds of consumers (66%) said they have changed their consumption behaviour as a result of information they have heard or read about in relation to a food risk.1

This is particularly significant when it comes to salmonella – a common bacterial disease, and one of the most common causes of foodborne disease outbreaks in the world.

In 2018, salmonella was the most reported disease in 24 of 28 EU member states and caused the largest number of illnesses and hospitalisations in relation to foodborne outbreaks.2The reasons behind these outbreaks are numerous and affect many types of foods.

At Elanco, we are helping livestock producers keep their animals healthy, particularly where food safety risks are most prevalent.

We know that prevention is better and more reliable than treatment. When combined, good farming practices and animal medicines keep animals healthy and improve the quality of life for the livestock many of us rely on. For the poultry industry in particular, Elanco has developed innovative vaccines to help reduce the risk of salmonella in eggs and egg products.

Additionally, we are perfectly positioned to provide consumers with the information they are seeking about food safety. In Turkey, for example, we are working with producers to provide them with the tools they need to reassure consumers their food is safe through a new digital communications campaign. Launched via webinar in April, it includes over 30 pieces of social media content that our customers and other stakeholders can use in direct mail and social media channels.

The One Health message – which recognises the interconnectedness of animal, human and environmental health – is central to these communications.

At Elanco, we believe healthy animals can address some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems and preserve human health. When we extend this message outside of our industry, it has the power to build consumer trust and instil confidence that the food they’re eating is safe.


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