pivoting from processing as a team to taking action quote from Jeff Simmons
7 July 2020

Pivoting from Processing to Action


Posted by Jeff Simmons | 07/07/2020

Elanco will be a safe harbor. But in order to do better, we need to listen more. Elanco aspires to have a culture and community where all employees globally can bring their whole selves. Our values of Respect and Integrity and Excellence aren’t just words on a wall. They come to life daily in how we care for each other, in how we embrace everyone and their unique backgrounds and beliefs and how we make our toughest decisions.

We are pivoting from processing as a team to taking action that will drive change in our company and our communities. While we have some work to do, Elanco is committed to take authentic action that can genuinely make a difference in our organization, and in the lives of our people.

Specifically, Elanco will:

  1. Educate and Participate:
    • We will continue to learn as a team – from hosting listening sessions, to creating trainings and tools to help our people become confident "Upstanders"— someone who acts in support of an individual or cause, particularly someone who intervenes on behalf of another person at the moment of truth when discrimination or injustice is happening.
    • Our 2nd annual Elanco Multi-Cultural Summit planned for fall will be a pinnacle moment to converge all this thinking.
    • We will ensure our teams have paid time off to participate and show their support during key commemorative days, including making sure they have an opportunity to make their voice heard on election days.
  2. Invest Internally and Externally: We will resource these internal efforts appropriately and extend this beyond our walls
    • We will dedicate resources to ensure our talent assessment, succession management and diversity & Inclusion work drives tangible progress in developing and promoting diverse talent.
    • We will establish and publish supplier diversity goals and our progress toward them.
  3. Measure and Hold Accountable: We will be transparent about and hold ourselves accountable to achieving our goals.
    • We will publish our U.S. minority representation in internships and campus new hires.
    • We will publish later this year the aspirational goals for female and US minority representation in leadership we have been working toward as part of our Healthy Purpose commitments. While we’ve made strong progress over the past five years, we have significant work to do.


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