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11 December 2020

Care4Pigs: Helping Farmers Make More Informed Treatment and Care Decisions


Posted by Janice Chow

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Many swine farmers know that optimizing the health and wellbeing of their animals is paramount to the success of their operations. But it is knowing what to look out for that is the first vital step to being able to identify a potential health threat and address it early.

Care4Pigs grant recipient, Professor Cesar Augusto Pospissil Garbossa from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, aims to equip more swine farmers to do just that. His project is to create a new online training tool that enhances the technical capabilities of farmers so that they are better able to properly identify pigs that need treatment or specific care. This would help farmers to make more informed decisions that would ultimately benefit animal health and wellbeing, as well as farm productivity.

Based in Brazil, Professor Garbossa understands that training swine farmers across the entire country can be a challenge. By creating an online tool, he is confident of being able to reach a wider audience – not just in Brazil but potentially across Latin America:

“Online training plays an increasingly important role in capacity building in Brazil and across Latin America. The increase in availability of the internet in rural areas and the fact that Brazil has continental dimensions, allows farmers to have direct access to knowledge from their farms.”

With the support from the Care4Pigs grant, Professor Garbossa looks to develop the training platform further, with the vision that it would also benefit swine professionals in other parts of the world:

“We will now be able to develop a system for online training of those involved in the care of pigs, as well as conduct on-site assessments to determine the efficiency of training and the receptiveness of users. I believe that by making the tool available online, it has the potential to be used in any country. All that would be needed is to adapt the content into the appropriate language.”

We invite you to read impressions from the Care4Pigs jury, and learn about two more winning projects: O’porctunité - Web and mobile app for pig welfare project from France and Free farrowing systems management project from Switzerland.

The Care4Pigs global grant initiative is in line with Elanco’s strong commitment to advancing the health and wellbeing of animals and contributes toward Elanco Healthy Purpose™, the company’s approach to sustainability, as well as environmental, social and governance commitments.


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