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21 September 2020

Don’t Let School Kids Go Hungry


Posted by Joanne Parker | 21/09/2020

As the days get shorter and leaves change color, summer is coming to an end in the Western Hemisphere. For most kids, it’s time to go back to school. Yet, in these special times of COVID-19, in many countries across Europe, this might still mean home-schooling writes Joanne Parker, Quality Consutant at Elanco’s Speke (UK) manufacturing site. 

School education is about more than lectures and classroom teaching: not going to school means not meeting friends, not going to the library or the canteen. Lately, children over Europe have been missing out on their school lunches, which can be the most important meal of the day for many.

At Elanco, colleagues at the Speke manufacturing site worked together with United Way, the world's largest privately-funded non-profit organization, to support a local charity’s mission to not let school children go hungry.

The United Way payroll giving scheme provided funds for the Torrington Drive Community Association (TDCA) a charitable organization of local residents who support and involve their neighborhood’s communities in need. After all, United Way, TDCA and Elanco share a common goal: enriching life in our communities through food security programs and community projects.

During the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, TDCA provided hot meals to vulnerable residents. Throughout the summer holidays, the group was particularly active to provide free lunches to vulnerable children as they did not have access to complimentary school meals during these times.

This is what Elanco’s Healthy Purpose aligns to: supporting local charities and community projects to advance sustainability through food security, the human-animal bond and strong communities. Committing to welfare initiatives such as food drives, we eagerly help those who struggle with the most pressing issues of our time.

As we prepare for our Global Day of Purpose on October 22, we will continue to engage with our teams from all around the world to contribute to charitable efforts and make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

I envision a world where both humans and animals can live to their full potentials. This is why I commit to give back to our customers, causes and communities.


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