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4 September 2020

Discovering our ‘next normal’


Posted by Dirk Ehle | 03/09/2020

As Elanco’s acquisition of Bayer Animal Health finalised amid a global pandemic and during (European) summer break, creating a strong community will be key to success writes Dirk Ehle, the newly appointed Executive Vice President of Elanco and President of Elanco Europe.

These are times we have never seen or experienced before. The initial shock of lockdown gave way to a sense of ‘togetherness’ as we all found the strength to adapt to life in lockdown, support those in need and – hopefully ­– preserve our health in the process. To get through it we’ve all had to become masters of integration: bringing our offices into our homes, doggy day care into our gardens and the classroom into living rooms and kitchens around the world.

At the other end of the scale, we at Elanco Animal Health have been on our own journey to become a leading animal health company. Despite the pandemic, a huge team of colleagues have been working hard both behind and in front of the scenes to finalise the deal on August 1. It has been an incredible effort in extraordinary times and I hugely appreciate the work of everyone who has been involved.

With the close of deal behind us, we can’t take our foot of the pedal – the work to integrate two international enterprises has only just started. It’s not all going to be perfect, but let’s support one another to make it as smooth as possible and ensure our customer continues to be at the centre of everything we do.

And, as our global situation changes daily, we need to work together as a team now more than ever, sharpening our focus so we can reach each milestone at a time. For me, a team always works at its best, when it adheres to our values: integrity (‘doing the right thing, the right way’) , respect (‘respect for people, our customers and the animals in their care’)  and excellence (‘deliver with discipline’) – it’s these principles that will drive innovation and leadership through our employees and bring us forward. I encourage us all to raise our hand when we need to and be accountable and empowered.

Together, as a new Elanco, we’re in an even stronger position to create value for farmers, veterinarians, pet owners, our stakeholders and society as a whole.  Our newly-extended community will give us the ability to draw on talent and expertise to help find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. From malnutrition, obesity, social isolation and mental health, to environmental health and sustainability. We know animals play a key role in helping tackle every one of these issues.

I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside talented and passionate colleagues, as together we are building a company to lead in animal health. Covid-19 will continue to impact our daily lives. Currently, as lockdown restrictions lift in one part of the world, they tighten in another. Amid such uncertainty, it’s vital to take care of our personal well-being. Therefore, I encourage all to take the time to step away from your desks, rest and recuperate so you can come back energised for the journey ahead. We certainly won’t be returning to normal … we’ll be building our ‘next normal’.

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