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21 August 2020

Bringing Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™ to Life


Posted by Corinne Danner | 21/08/2020

At Elanco, we're committed to  our global vision of food and companionship enriching life by advancing the wellbeing of animals,  people and the planet.  We call it Elanco’s Healthy Purpose and we realise it through contributions to projects and communities around the world where healthy animals can have the greatest positive impact on human well-being and reducing environmental pressures.

One Elanco team at our site in Huningue, France has brought this global vision to life in a very local and tangible way.  The team made it personal, through on-site activities that exemplify the connections between healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment.

To keep in touch and keep smiling during the difficult pandemic period, we implemented two activities that have supported the wellbeing of our teams by bringing the connections between animals, people and planet to the forefront of their daily work experience, writes Corinne Danner, Administrative Assitant at Huningue site.

In March (with the support of a local eco-pasture company) we welcomed sheep and goats to our site, to reduce the amount of grass cutting required around the buildings at the site.  The animals are free to move around the buildings and everyone is delighted to see them every day.  Even more exciting was the birth of a lamb on site, now about 2 months old.

In May, our team created a small, shared vegetable garden.  While maintaining all necessary social distance and hygiene precautions, employee volunteers help to maintain the garden – tending to each others’ wellbeing while they tend to the growing of herbs and vegetables.   Aromatic herbs and summer zucchinis are doing especially well so far.  The garden has provided a special opportunity to stay connected with each other, and with the environment.

Incorporating Elanco’s Healthy Purpose™ into the daily work experience of employees at the Huningue site is one way employees are making our global Elanco vision personal. 


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