Extending innovation to include information analysis, education and training

Innovation typically brings to mind breakthrough products. And while products represent an important part of innovation, services also represent a vital component of Elanco’s identity.

Elanco employees constantly seek new and more efficient ways to provide information, guidance and leadership to our customers. This holistic commitment to innovation results in services such as:

  • Analytics to help customers find useful data trends and patterns that may not be readily apparent
  • Calculators and optimization tools to help producers and operators translate data into information and apply it to decision making
  • Continuing education and support to help educate, motivate and reward veterinary healthcare teams
  • Training and newsletters for safe animal handling
  • Feed mill and feed assay services for effective feed management and mixing practices
  • Benchmarking services to enhance the competitive position of feedyards

And just as Elanco partners with innovators for new products, we also continuously pursue service providers who align well with our mission and vision. Whether it’s a newsletter with animal handling tips, or analysis of animal growth data and feed intake, Elanco cultivates service innovations as aggressively as it cultivates the next product to improve animal health.