Leveraging each other’s strengths to achieve more by working together

A good partnership results in each partner achieving more together than either partner could achieve alone.

Elanco pursues and builds partnerships with a wide variety of companies and organizations around the world. In particular, Elanco seeks partnerships with companies developing new:

  • Therapeutic agents that control infectious diseases
  • Therapeutic agents that enhance food animal production (cattle, swine and poultry)
  • Pet medicines
  • Therapeutic agents for managing acute and chronic diseases in pets (dogs and cats)
  • Technologies to control internal and external parasites affecting livestock and pets
  • Food safety technologies 

As a partner with Elanco, you benefit by leveraging Elanco’s extensive knowledge of the animal health industry and the entire food chain. A partnership with Elanco also can open doors to marketing opportunities, distribution channels, quality control systems, regulatory compliance and related issues.

Elanco continuously searches worldwide for new partners who can help fulfill the company’s vision of enriching life by improving animal health and well-being, or improving safety throughout the food chain.

Can Elanco help you with your animal health product or service? Visit our partnership inquiries page to find out more about what Elanco has to offer.