Giving Back

Committed to giving back around the world.



At Elanco, we focus on two causes - Food Security and the Human-Animal Bond. They are an opportunity to live out our vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life every day. Our cause-driven strategy engages employees, connects with the communities where we live and work, and aims to provide global sustainable solutions.

See our virtual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact Report:

Working towards a Food Secure world

Our Food Security cause works to ensure nutritious food is accessible and affordable to all through hunger-related initiatives that help break the cycle of hunger for thousands of people around the world. Our work is made possible through partnerships with Heifer International and United Way Worldwide. As we draw attention to the issue of Food Security through ENOUGH movement, a global community working together to ensure everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food.

Today, we are working to:

  • End hunger and improve food security for 100 communities by 2020, including partnering with grocery stores and producers to provide protein-rich eggs to local food banks through the HATCH for Hunger program.
  • Bring 100,000 families out of hunger in the coming years through a partnership with Heifer International projects in Asia and Africa, as well as support of the East Africa Dairy Development project.
  • Raise awareness about the growing challenge of food security and partner with others to develop solutions through the ENOUGH Movement, a global community working together to ensure everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food--today and in the future.
  • Elanco is committed to help break the cycle of hunger in 100 communities across the world by the end of year 2020. The action Elanco is stepping forward to provide is resources and support to help local, sustainable projects to get up and started for a long term impact.

Supporting the Human-Animal bond

We celebrate the benefits of pets in our daily lives through increased access, interactions and global programs that celebrate the bond.

Pets enrich our lives through companionship, the service they provide and the proven health and social benefits to people and communities. At Elanco, we advocate for the health benefits pets bring to people by supporting and highlighting the research that proves pets are good for us and our communities. And we support the animals that support us - from assistance and therapy animals to search, rescue, and police dogs.

We work to achieve this through partnerships with therapy and service organizations, such as Pet Partners and Canine Assistants, and in coordination with our veterinary customers’ programs.

Our Employee Engage to Enrich Lives

Each year, Elanco joins forces with our parent company, Lilly, to dedicate a full day to volunteering in our communities, called the Global Day of Service. It’s one of the largest single-day corporate volunteer programs in the world. Thousands of employees join local partners and community groups to support a wide variety of initiatives. Whether beautifying city streets, collecting food or building homes for families in need, or caring for animals at local shelters, we take pride in giving back to our neighbors. Employees are also provided with a half-day per quarter of paid time off to serve their communities in a cause that aligns to their personal interests.