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1 June 2021

How Elanco uses the Insights learning programs to build an inclusive culture and deliver on our Employee Promise


Post by: Prakash Santhanam

‘You’re Showing a lot of your sunshine yellow energy today’

How Elanco uses the Insights learning programs to build an inclusive culture and deliver on our Employee Promise

Prakash Santhanam, Global Learning and Development Consultant at Elanco APAC shares his experience of using the Insights learning programs to support Elanco’s cultural and behavioural pillars.

Fostering an inclusive culture where we can all make a difference is a key part of the Promise Elanco makes to its employees.  It means that diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our culture and learning strategy.

By adopting a common model across all levels and functions – the Insights four colour model –everyone speaks one common language, and that facilitates cultures of inclusion.

It all starts with understanding self - if you don’t understand yourself, how can you understand others?  Understanding self and others better helps to strengthen connections across the organisation.  Insights helps us achieve that by enabling everyone to speak a common language, to connect and to build trust.   

A tiered approach means employees are learning at all levels, giving them the right amount of information in the right way so everyone can easily apply their experience to their role and life.

It especially helps leaders be better leaders by knowing who their people are. Understanding the colour energy model helps managers to achieve their coaching objectives, build trust and stretch conversations. It helps people to connect because they know how to adapt their communication and approach to the colour energies they can see in others.

So we have incorporated the Insights model into our leadership programs, and into team discussion planners and communications strategies.  We also use it freely in our discussions, you know those more casual, fun conversations, like ‘you’re showing a lot of your yellow energy today, let others have a chance to speak’. It’s starting to become a noticeable part of our culture”.

The colour energy model recognises and appreciated differences in others, and gives everyone a framework to understand each other – helping to build trust. When trust is built, autonomy grows and when people have autonomy, they are motivated to do more.

Using Insights helps to build excitement in all sorts of ways, not only in the workplace but in people’s lives. People often try to profile their family and friends to understand them better after learning about the Insights colours.

When there’s diversity of thought, innovation grows and to achieve this fully, people need to connect on a human level and feel that they are operating in a psychologically safe environment. The Insights colour model helps us to achieve that.

(Adapted from an article in Insights Magazine –


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