Innovative people, sound science and a better world guide our actions

At Elanco, our values drive the decisions we make and the actions we take every day. These values center on respect for people, integrity and excellence.

Respect for people: Elanco treats our customers and partners with dignity and respect regardless of background and standing, from the president of a multi-national corporation, to a small-scale farmer receiving livestock from Heifer International®. Elanco recruits and retains a diverse, highly skilled and innovative workforce. We seek business partners of high integrity who share our commitment to animal health and food safety. Together, our partners, customers and employees bring to life our values and our vision. They help us enrich life by strengthening the human-pet bond and ensuring that people worldwide have a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food.

Integrity: Quite simply, we believe our products and services should do what we say they will do. Our customers should be able to clearly understand our vision and the value Elanco products bring to them, a value that’s built upon consistent, proven results. We strive to become a source of trusted solutions for our customers and partners. We develop every Elanco product upon a foundation of sound science, rigorous testing and thorough compliance. At Elanco, we also strive to build integrity in our communities and our world. This includes volunteering 5,000 days of service every year to fight hunger, participating in Heifer International projects to help end hunger, and supporting the Good Samaritan Project to strengthen the human-pet bond.

Excellence: Since the 1950s, Elanco has built its reputation upon sound science and disciplined discovery. Today, we uphold this standard of sound science in our continuous pursuit of safe technologies and innovative processes that improve animal health, food production and food safety.

These are some of our values. If you share them, consider joining us. We think you’ll find a rare and deep satisfaction when your work aligns with your values.

100,000 out of hunger

Through a partnership with Heifer International®, Elanco has committed to bring 100,000 families out of hunger.